Member Centre

What is the Member Centre?

The Member Centre is an indidual's area that members can sign into and see information that is relevant just to them

What sort of things are on the Member Centre?
  • Records of competition entries so you can see what you have entered, if the entries have been accepted by the system or if there are any outstanding entries to be paid for. This is also a great way of checking if entries have been processed if you are not sure if they have gone through or not online.
  • Training fees record - what has been paid and if there are any outstanding entries
  • Personal details - You can see what information we hold i.e. home address, phone numbers, email addresses and check if we have the most up to date information. please notify us if there are any errors and we can amend as required.
How do you access the Member Centre?

The web address is 

Once on the webpage you can then log in using your User Name and Password that you use for entering competitions online or if using it for the first time you can register via this page.

You will need an email address to register for the online entries/member centre and this is linked to the Club Database so please use the email address we have on file which is normally the one you would have given us when you joined. If the email address being used to register is different from what we hold on the database it will not match and therefore not work.

Need to reset password or can't remember your password?
This can be done by going to the Member Centre homepage and click "register"

You can also reset your password by going to the meet entry page and at the bottom of that screen click "register" and then on the next screen complete the swimmer's name and the email address you have registered with the club. 


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